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The FIRST Ann-Margret LiveJournal Fan Community

The FIRST Ann-Margret LiveJournal Fan Community
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This is the first ever LiveJournal Fan Community for Miss ANN-MARGRET, the phenomenally talented star of stage, screen, music, and more! Please join and share your A-M experiences, favorite movies, memories, anything, as long as it's about this amazing woman we all love so dearly! Enjoy!

1. No Ann-Margret bashing. We didn't make this community so people could bash her.

2. Respect others' opinions. Everyone has his/her own opinions; even if you disagree, disagree respectfully.

3. Don't stray off-topic. This is about Ann-Margret, not about other artists or about current events and such. However, feel free to discuss other topics with each other outside of the community.

4. Respect other members. PERIOD.

5. No foul language! It isn't classy, and this community was created to honor a classy lady - let's keep it that way. ;)

6. Please remember that any violation of these rules is grounds for removal from this group indefinitely.

7. Her name is Ann-Margret. That's Ann HYPHEN Margret <-- no second "A" either. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Spell her name CORRECTLY within this community! If you have to come here prior to each post then do so, but please... for those of us "die hard" fans who know how irritating it is that seemingly NO ONE can ever spell her name correctly, please do this as a courtesy to fellow members... and for A-M as well. :) We strongly enforce this "rule" - Thanks!

8. People who are enthusiastic about an artist they admire should NOT be bullied, harassed, or taunted; therefore, we do not tolerate people who bully, harass, or taunt fans.

9. Have fun!

**When you join, please fill out this little survey so we can get to know you!**
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